Chicagoing TV Program with Bill Campbell

August 9, 2007 I was blessed with the awesome opportunity to appear on “Chicagoing” with Bill Campbell.  The show featured everyday  hard working women, mothers, and wives pursuing their dreams.

The topic of the show was “Follow Your Dream”.  I was honored to share the spotlight with Ingrid (Wish You Tee’s), Elaine (Ashby Tea) and singer Shannon Wright. The show was taped on August 9, 2007 and aired August 18, 2007 on ABC.

This experience was made possible by Frances, who is also a hardworking woman, mother, and wife.  She is pursuing her dream as a producer. During her internship with at ABC Channel 7, Frances decided to create the opportunity in allowing women to share the importance of women pursuing their dreams.

It was a wonderful experience, one I will never forget.